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The Great Rock Mountains By Thomas Jefferson - 1092 Words

At the time when Thomas Jefferson was president, the U. S. had bought new land in France. He had Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition to the New Lands who turned to Wiliam Clark to be the Co-commanding captain which turned into the Lewis and Clark expedition. It was 1803. Thomas Jefferson was the president and he guided a piece of foreign diplomacy through the U.S. senate. After the Louisiana treaty was made, Jefferson took power of an exploration on a new purchased land beyond the â€Å"Great Rock Mountains† In the west. Jefferson wanted the expedition to travel through the Missouri River, up the rocky Mountains, and then down the Columbia River into the Pacific. His plan included gathering information on animals, plants, and minerals in†¦show more content†¦As the men traveled up the Missouri river, Lewis occasionally went ashore to discover all of the amazing animals he could see. He wrote in his journal saying â€Å"I do not think I exaggerate when I estimate the number of buffalo which could be comprehended at one view to amount to 3,000† At spring in 1805, the waters were raised and there was wonderful weather. The Lewis and Clark expedition set out further. They traveled up Missouri, Montana, and wisely chose the Jefferson River. By September they had their first encounter with the Indians. A small group of the explorers went ashore to talk to a group of Sioux Indians and offer them gifts. After a while, the Indians were demanding more gifts and did not let Clark go back to the boat. They soon let him go when the explorers showed they were ready to fight. When October came, they met a group of Mandan Indians who were really nice. The expedition decided to build a Fort next to their village and stay there for the Winter. During the winter, a trader named Toussaint Charbonneau and his wife, Sacagawea, a Shoshone, joined in on the expedition. The journey continued on April 7, 1805. The explorers were traveling in two dugouts and six canoes. Lewis and Clark sent a few men back on the Keelboat because the river hadShow M oreRelatedThe Founding Fathers Of Our Country Essay1062 Words   |  5 PagesCharles kanneh American History Thomas Jefferson is one of the founding Fathers of our country. Jefferson was one of the most inspirational members of history that led me to doing a research project about him. Thomas Jefferson was born to Peter Jefferson on April 13 1743. Peter Jefferson was a planter and surveyor which was a very important job back then. This meant he had some type of wealth to his name.Thomas Jefferson mother was Jane Randolph who was the daughter of a well know family withRead MoreMount Rushmore National Memorial: A Shrine of Democracy Essay1341 Words   |  6 Pagesmonument on Stone Mountain to attract tourists. Gutzon Borglum, with the help of his son Lincoln Borglum, immediately knew what and who they wanted to carve; he proposed George Washington and Abraham Lincoln because he wanted those presidents to be remembered and honored. He incorporated methods on how to work with dynamite and pneumatic hammers. Dynamite was used to get the desired measurements and pneumatic hammers were used to ge t smooth and white surfaces on the granite rocks (â€Å"History and Culture†)Read MoreThe Lewis ( 1774 ) And William Clark1735 Words   |  7 Pagesacross the Continental Divide, and to the Pacific Ocean. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent the Cords of Discovery to the land never traveled before by any American to explore. They traveled over 8000 miles and discovered over 300 unknown species, 50 tribes of Indians, and the Rocky Mountains (â€Å"National Geographic: Lewis Clark†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ). It began May 1804 and ended September 1806. Before the expedition, Lewis was Jefferson s private presidential secretary. He also served in the military, where heRead MoreThe Black Hills Of South Dakota1242 Words   |  5 PagesENGINEERING MOUNT RUSHMORE Nestled in the Black hills of South Dakota sits one of America’s most iconic national landmarks. There, carved into the granite face of what the Lakota Sioux once called â€Å"six grandfathers† mountain, are the faces of four U.S. Presidents, who are credited with great contributions to the country and westward expansion. Few Americans know of the tremendous engineering required to accomplish the sculptures, nor do they know the arduous conditions the laborers endured to give AmericaRead MoreThe Legacy Of President Jefferson1715 Words   |  7 Pagescountry forever. This metamorphic compromise had been made by America s third president, Thomas Jefferson. He purchased the bountiful and beautiful land of Louisiana from France. Jefferson wanted to expand America, and adding more land seemed like the perfect solution. Indeed, if it had not been for President Jefferson, one may be living in an entirely different type of culture. President Thomas Jefferson needed men to explore the new land. An expedition would need to take place, and wouldRead More Thomas Jefferson Essay1561 Words   |  7 Pages Thomas Jefferson amp;#9;Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. His terms lasted from the year 1801 to the year 1809. Jefferson was an American revolutionary leader as well as an influential political philosopher. Jefferson was among a group of the most brilliant Americans that resulted from the Enlightenment in Europe. Possibly one of the best writers during his time, Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. amp;#9;Jefferson ¡Ã‚ ¦s status asRead MoreThe History Of Lewis And Clark1651 Words   |  7 PagesThe History of Lewis and Clark In 1803, shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson, our third US President sent two men, U.S. Army Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark out to explore the unexplored west and in search of a water route across North America, fulfilling the dreams of Thomas Jefferson in sending explorers across the America. Thomas Jefferson chose Meriwether Lewis who was previously his secretary to lead the expedition. Thus being chosen to lead the expeditionRead MoreThe Second President Of The United States1311 Words   |  6 Pagesbefore he became the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson had dreamed of sending explorers across North America. When Jefferson took office in 1801, most of the United States population lived within 50 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. Knowledge of the western part of the continent was limited to what had been learned from French traders and fur trappers and Spanish and British explorers. On January 18, 1803, President Jefferson sent a confidential letter to Congress asking for $2,500Read MoreEssay on Mount Rushmore2601 Words   |  11 Pagesthe most influential figures in American history. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt are names that still to this day trigger thoughts of greatness and awe-inspiring men. All four of these men were presidents of the United States. They each had a signature style or brought a particular ideal the American forefront. George Washington was known as the father of our country. Thomas Jefferson co-authored the Declaration of Independence. Abraham Lincoln deliveredRead MoreThe Expedition Of Lewis And Clark1270 Words   |  6 PagesLewis and Clark already developed prior to the expedition would be very beneficial and help make the journey easier. The development of the mission played a key part in the expedition itself because if the development did not play out exactly how Jefferson planned, then the expedition may not have been as successful. A big part of history, the expedition was very significant and impacted American society in ways that no one will ever be able to understand. Although the expedition of Lewis and Clark

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Sherman Alexie s `` Green World `` - 1195 Words

Sherman Alexie’s â€Å"Green World† recounts his experience with twelve windmills during the Second Great Depression. An old man acquired a grotesque job on an Indian reservation. His job consisted of him driving to the windmills and cleaning up the dead birds. When the first snow occurred, he witnessed quite a sight with twelve distinct bloody circles of dead birds caused by the windmills. While caught in his gaze at the reservation, an Indian approached him, and he was held at gunpoint. The Indian shot the windmill with his shotgun, only to be discouraged and walk off (16-21). In Sherman Alexie’s â€Å"Green World†, I would argue that the main intellectual conflict with the old man beckons the question is the advancement in technology worth the severe impact with the environment or should society strive for the preservation of the environment. This struggle resonates with Robert Sapolsky’s â€Å"Super Humanity† theme of it is human nature t o be unconstrained by nature because society strived to produce alternative forms of energy to help preserve nature, but society also harmed nature in the pursuit of protection. While non-reusable natural resources diminish, scientists have created engineering marvels, such as the Hoover Dam and hybrid cars, to preserve what little resources remain. Windmills are one such creation that utilizes the ever powerful wind to power generators to supply electricity, and the old man is mesmerized by them: â€Å"those windmills were rather simple and lovely butShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Sherman Alexie s The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight 1233 Words   |  5 Pagespresented. Native Americans past and present continue to face stifling issues such as racism, alcoholism, isolation and suicide. Sherman Alexie makes it his obligation in his stories and poems to show Native American resiliency through humor. By using his characters to show resiliency through humor Alexie presents humor as an i ntegral part of Native American survival. In Sherman Alexie’s best work to date The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven† humor allows his characters to display strengthRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Sherman Alexie s The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight 1116 Words   |  5 PagesRebecca Edwards Newman 10/26/14 Essay 2 ENC 1102 (Green 2) In his stories Sherman Alexie’s humor, portays a role that helps bring people together,Alexie s sophisticated use of humor unsettles conventional ways of thinking and helps brain growth, which allows Indian characters to connect to their heritage in ways and forces non-Indian readers to reconsider their ideas on them. â€Å"The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven† by Sherman Alexie is a humorously told, short story detailing the struggleRead MoreAnalysis Of The Absolute True Diary Of A Part Time Indian1919 Words   |  8 PagesFalse Believes of Reservation Indians In the late 1400’s a navigator by the name Christopher Columbus was sent in search of a new trade route to the west indies from the motherland of Spain, but was accidentally sent off course during the excursion. As a result, him and his crew members discovered an entirely new land mass that eventually became one of the most famous discoveries of all time. Christopher Columbus and his crew had found a new land inhabited by multiple different cultures and peopleRead MoreThe Reservation Land For Native Americans980 Words   |  4 Pagesneeded income for impoverished tribal communities (Forbes). In Sherman Alexie’s book, â€Å"The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,† the reader experiences firsthand the overwhelming devastation poverty wreaks on the lives of those living on a reservation. The story’s awkward teenage narrator, Arnold, expresses frustration when he shares how he lives â€Å"with his poor-ass family on the poor-ass Spokane Indian Reservation (Alexie 7). In what is undoubtedly the most heart-wrenching passage in theRead More Pocahontas and the Mythical Indian Woman Essay5406 Words   |  22 Pages Pocahontas. Americans know her as the beautiful, Indian woman who fell in love with the white settler John Smith and then threw her body upon the poor white captive to protect him from being brutally executed by her own savage tribe. The magical world of Walt Disney came out with their own movie version several years ago portraying Pocahontas as a tan, sexy Barbie doll figure and John Smith as a blond-haired, blue-eyed muscular Ken doll. Although Disney attempts to instill racial tolerance, inter-racialRead MoreLiterary Criticism : The Free Encyclopedia 7351 Words   |  30 Pagesusually wider and less technical. The birth of the Bildungsroman is normally dated to the publication of Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1795–96,[8] or, sometimes, to Christoph Martin Wieland s Geschichte des Agathon of 1767.[9] Although the Bildungsroman arose in Germany, it has had extensive influence first in Europe and later throughout the world. Thomas Carlyle translated Goethe’s novel into English, and after its publication in 1824, many British authors wrote novels

James Fenimore Cooper Free Essays

Connor Roche Research Paper JAMES FENIMORE COOPER James Fenimore Cooper was an important literary figure of the 1800s, best known for his novels. He is perhaps most noted for his greatest work of literature: The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757, a tale that chronicles the journey of several English people and a few Native Americans during the French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Days War. Cooper’s work on this novel and others such as The Prairie reflects his different approach regarding certain commonly held ideas of the time. We will write a custom essay sample on James Fenimore Cooper or any similar topic only for you Order Now This was especially true concerning the present-day views most people had about Native Americans. However, Cooper’s work also reflected his compliance with the most popular fine arts movement of his time: Romanticism. To completely grasp the scope of Cooper’s writing, some background on Cooper’s life, and the social customs and ideas of his time are necessary. Cooper was born on September 15, 1789 to Elizabeth Fenimore and William Cooper, the founder of the city of Cooperstown, NY. After expulsion from Yale College, Cooper pursued a career as a sailor on a merchant ship, traveling as far as the Strait of Gibraltar. Following this was a brief stint in the United States Navy, followed by farming. During his expeditions at sea, James Cooper seriously considered becoming a writer. In fact, most of his stories tell tales of sailors and sea trips, inspired by his own days on the water (Literature Network). At the time of Cooper’s writing, Native Americans were often held in contempt, mistreated, and oppressed. This had been a common aspect of society since the days of Columbus’ first expeditions to the Americas (Cassutto). The Native Americans were regarded with prejudice, hatred, and most of all fear, as is present when experiencing any unknown thing. Often times, brutal massacres were carried out, killing hundreds of innocent Native Americans. Cooper attempted to change such ideas through the relationships established between characters in his books, as is best shown by The Last of the Mohicans. This book was actually the second (and best known) in a series of five â€Å"Leatherstocking Tales† In this story, the two of the main characters are a white man named Natty Bumppo and a Native American named Uncas, who is the titular â€Å"Last of the Mohicans†. These two men, though they were from completely different backgrounds, form a very close bond, and show that interracial cooperation is extremely plausible, and actually useful. Furthermore, Natty Bumppo goes as far as adopting a Native American name, Hawkeye, to show that he truly could blend in with the Native Americans and act peacefully with them. The actual story takes place during the French and Indian War, about 30 years before Cooper was born. Though the war is named after two groups, the actual struggle was part of a huge conflict between several nations, including Austria, England, France, Great Britain, Prussia, and Sweden. In the American colonies, the war resulted from excessive pressure from the British for additional resource collection and production. This resulted in higher taxes, more strenuous work, etc. During the war in the colonies, the Native Americans (Indians) faced the French, who, allied with the British, extended the war for seven years. Considering the effects that the events of the time period would have had on the people, the works of James Fenimore Cooper could even be considered revolutionary. Despite the heavy racism of the time, Cooper stressed the importance and possibility of interracial cooperation, and even seemed to promote it. In other words, he was not afraid to change the stereotype and provide an alternate view of Native Americans. However, as with all situations, James Fenimore Cooper also provides a negative, more foreboding side to the relationship between different cultures. Specifically, he seems to promote friendship and brotherhood, but strongly warns against interracial romance. This seems to be a common theme of his contemporaries, who also strongly agreed that interracial romance was to be strictly off-limits. Though not stated directly by Cooper, the fates of several of the characters in The Last of the Mohicans shows that Cooper believed that interracial love would lead to tragedy. This is implicitly stated through the unfortunate deaths of two of the main characters. In the story, Uncas, the aforementioned Mohican, and Cora Munro, an English general’s daughter, begin a budding romance that leads to their eventual demise. Cora is kidnapped by the villain of the story, a Native American of the Huron tribe named Magua. During rescue attempts, both Cora and Uncas are inevitably killed. The death of these two characters seems to suggest that interracial romance will lead only to failure and is highly dangerous. On a very basic level, it is the essential differences between the cultures that cause a split that leads to the failure of the romance. In this case, the brutal nature of the Native Americans causes the death of both the sheltered English girl, and even the tough, hardened Native American man. At this point, it is clear that James Fenimore Cooper did not adhere to the racial conventions of his time. Despite some warning of the dangers of cultural mixing, in his literature, he stood by his own beliefs of interracial interaction. However, James Cooper did follow others in his era with the type of literature he wrote. His work was reflective of the Romantic style of writing and at the time of his novels’ creations, the Romantic Era was in full-swing in America. The Romantic era was a movement in the fields of art, literature, and intellectualism that originated in Europe in the late 1700s. The movement placed a heavy emphasis on emotions such as fear, horror, and awe rather than reason. Also, there is a superiority of mystery over clarity, and importance given to the individual, rather than the standards of society. This could be easily expressed through art, but through literature, the conveyance of such emotions was a very new experience. Certain effects of the movement were clearly reflected in Cooper’s literature. For example, along with the Romantic movement came the inspiration of political change, and also, in stark contrast, descriptions of heavily romanticized (hence the name of the period) situations and settings, such as â€Å"a mock-medieval castle perched dramatically above a craggy ravine† (History World). Elements such as these are clearly evident in Cooper’s work, especially the emphasis on setting. Using rich descriptive language, Cooper gives details of all the areas that his characters venture through. At times, the extensiveness of his description is so rich that a reader may feel as though he or she is actually experiencing the setting. This was very common in Romantic literature, and can be seen in the following passage from The Last of the Mohicans: â€Å"The mountain on which they stood, elevated, perhaps a thousand feet in the air, was a high cone that rose a little in of advance of that range which stretches for miles along the western shores of the lake, until meeting its sister piles, beyond the water, it ran off toward the Canadas, in confused and broken masses of rock thinly sprinkled with evergreens. † (The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper, 177) Aside from the Romantic descriptions of locations and characters, Coopers work also showed a great amount of diversion from previously held ideals, as mentioned above in his explorations of interracial friendships and interaction. This seems to carry an underlying feeling of political activism, which was another of the attributes of the Romantic Movement. The activism lies in the implication that racial boundaries should be reexamined and reevaluated. Though Cooper does not say outright that his novel should spark a revolution, his work does imply that there is a desperate need for change in society. Furthermore, some aspects of the novel could be seen as an anti-war statement made by Cooper. This was a shared sentiment among many of his contemporaries, and carried on even through the Vietnam War in the late 1900s. However, this sentiment could be seen by analyzing the novel from a Romantic Movement point of view. Returning to the idea of descriptive nature, Cooper often gives descriptions not only of the beauty of the land, but also of its inherent danger. In the story, nature provides almost as much of a struggle for the main characters as the war does for the soldiers. In a sense, it seems as if Cooper was trying to say that nature was the real enemy, not other humans. The anti-war sentiment could not only be interpreted metaphorically through the text, it was also sometimes stated explicitly. In the following passage, James Cooper’s disgust for war and fighting is evident, as he describes the battle as an extremely gruesome occurrence: â€Å"More than two thousand raging savages broke out from the forest at signal and threw themselves across the fatal plain with instinctive alacrity. We shall not dwell upon the revolting horrors that succeeded. Death was everywhere in his most terrific and disgusting aspects †¦ The flow of blood might be likened to the outbreaking of a torrent†¦ and as the natives became†¦maddened by the fight, many among them†¦drank freely†¦hellishly of the crimson tide. †(Mohicans, Cooper 222) As was made clear by this passage, Cooper clearly resented the war and the horrors it brought with it. In Conclusion, the works of James Fenimore Cooper gave a clear representation of the ideals and movements of his time. His writing was reflective of the new intellectual, artistic, and literary Romantic Movement, shown by its beautifully descriptive passages and also by its deviation from what was previously accepted as normalcy. Furthermore, his works deviated from not only his predecessors, but also his contemporaries, as he implicitly supported the furthering of positive interracial interaction and cooperation. Coopers work was a great addition to his era, and greatly helped reflect the changing times and culture of the 19th century. How to cite James Fenimore Cooper, Papers

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What Is UX Plus 5 Core Principles of User Experience for Websites

Bloggers, small business owners, e-commerce retailers, and many others start websites out of necessity. When you dont have a lot of experience with web content, concepts such as user experience (UX) can be confusing, yet absolutely vital for a high conversion rate.Fortunately, UX is made up of a handful of core principles that provide a clear path to its understanding and implementation. Once you get them under your belt, you may even see an increase in traffic, conversions, and revenue.In this post, well introduce you to UX and why its important. Then well walk you through five of its key components so you can start working them into your website. Lets get to it! UI is just one aspect of UX.Sites that are confusing and difficult to use understandably tend to put visitors off. For this reason, poor UX will often lead to higher bounce rates, and therefore lower conversion rates and less revenue. Given the over-saturation of sites on the web, users have no obligation to stay on a low-q uality site – they can simply get what they need elsewhere.Just as you probably wouldnt open a brick-and-mortar store that was disorganized and difficult to navigate, you shouldnt content yourself with a site with limited UX. Whether you work with a developer or take the DIY approach  to your site, implementing UXs core principles is a must.Five core principles of user experience (UX)There are many ways you can improve your sites UX. However, generally speaking, most of the changes youll want to make will fall under one of the five principles listed below.1. RelevanceVisitors come to your website with a purpose. They have an end goal in mind, and its your job to provide high-quality UX to help them reach it faster. As such, you dont want to clutter your site with a lot of random elements that arent useful to your users.Relevance is all about knowing what your users want and providing only those elements to them. On our own site, youll notice that our two most popular themes , Neve and Hestia, are right at the top of the home page:We know lots of people come to us looking for quality WordPress themes, so weve put them front and center. We also display our plugins and a link to our blog, which is full of useful guides related to WordPress. These are also relevant to our primary audience – WordPress users, just like you.2. UsabilityRegardless of whether users are making purchases, sifting through your blog archives, or something else, your guests should find it easy to accomplish their goals. Here are a few processes you might want to audit on your site:Checkout:  Is it simple and streamlined for easy purchasing?Forms: How easy it is to find, fill out, and submit any forms you expect users to complete?Account creation: Can users find the signup page, and is the process simple and straightforward?Browsing:  How difficult is it for users to move from one blog post to another, or one product page to another?Well use our own site as an example agai n. Our checkout process is a short, simple form that appears as a popup when a customer clicks on the  Purchase  button:Instead of a multi-page checkout experience with lots of steps, this small feature makes it less likely our users will abandon the process halfway through out of frustration or because its taking too long. The easier you make it to carry out key tasks on your site, the more likely people are to complete them.3. NavigationIt can be easy to forget about the importance of site navigation. Your menu takes up so little room on the screen, and yet it plays a vital role in your sites UX. The larger your site, the more important a clear navigation system is.Its vital to have a menu that visitors can use to find key pages on your site. Any content necessary to completing your users primary goals should be directly or indirectly available in your menu bar. Well break this idea down by looking at our own menu:The main tabs include  WordPress Themes, Plugins, Blog, Suppo rt, About Us,  and  Login. Theres also a magnifying glass icon, which most people understand to be a link for performing a site-wide search.Represented here are the three things our audience comes to us for, which we mentioned earlier:ThemesPluginsWordPress-related contentThey are the most easily accessible pages on our site. Each menu tab also includes a drop-down to individual product pages or some of our most popular posts.Customers who are having trouble with a plugin or theme can also easily find our support team, and anyone who is curious about ThemeIsle can read more on the  About Us page. Finally, our members can log in. Anything a visitor would want to do is available via the menu.4. AccessibilityMaking your site accessible is a courtesy to those with disabilities who might be using screen readers or otherwise modifying their online experience. Any visitor who comes across your site should be able to use it to accomplish their end goal.The best way to make your site a ccessible is by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). If you dont have a lot of development experience, meeting some of them could be difficult. However, there are a few best practices you can easily handle on your own, even if youre new to web content creation.For instance, alternative or alt text is a short description displayed when a browser cant load an image. Its also used by screen readers to inform visually impaired users of what images contain. Especially if youre a WordPress user, its easy to add:Adding alt text to your images takes very little time and is a simple way to help make your site a little more accessible.5. FamiliarityMost site owners want their website to look unique. While this is an understandable and admirable goal, its still important that your site follows some of the expected norms for web design.Given how widespread internet usage now is, people have expectations about how websites should look and where certain elements are likely t o be. If your site doesnt meet these expectations, visitors are more likely to experience confusion, frustration, and difficulty finding what they need.Looking at our home page again, you can see several web design standards on display:Here, we have:Our logo in the top-left cornerThe menu across the top of the pageA call to action (CTA) above the foldA search feature in the headerThough you cant see it here, we also have our social media icons in the footer. All these elements meet web design standards and expectations.ConclusionIf youre new to site ownership, web design concepts such as UX may feel confusing. However, its also key to the success of your website that you provide visitors with excellent service so theyll stay on your site and become returning users. Navigation. Giving users the most popular site elements within your menus helps them convert better.Accessibility. Differently-abled web users need to know theyre catered for – it could mean an extra sale for you.F amiliarity. Making sure users can do things consistent with the rest of the web helps UX immeasurably.Do you have any questions about UX or its core principles? Let us know in the comments section below!Free guide5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress SiteReduce your loading time by even 50-80% just by following simple tips.

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Supply Demand Curve In The Airline Industry Tourism Essay Essay Example

Supply Demand Curve In The Airline Industry Tourism Essay Essay Example Supply Demand Curve In The Airline Industry Tourism Essay Paper Supply Demand Curve In The Airline Industry Tourism Essay Paper Airline industry provides us air transit that improves our lives by shortening the clip it takes us to make a finish and besides present goods. Airline industry undergoes oligopoly market, where merely a few Sellerss that provide similar merchandises or services but differentiated in the stigmatization and the publicity method. Basically, there are four chief classs in the air hose industry, which is international, national, regional, and lading. International flights supply services between states ; both national and regional flights are domestic flights within a state, but regional flights have shorter distance comparison to national flights ; lading is chiefly for the usage of conveyance goods. In this assignment, we are traveling to briefly explicate the determiners and the alterations in market status that affect the demand and supply of the air hose industry. There are few determiners that will do a alteration in the supply demand curve in the air hose industry. Determinants on demand curve. The first determiner is income. When a state experiences a growing in the economic system, the mean income of citizens will increase. In this instance, air ticket plays a function as a normal good, this is because an addition in the income will take to an addition in the demand of air ticket purchased, one illustration is households might go more frequently as they are in good economic status. The 2nd determiner is monetary values of related goods, where a alteration in monetary value of a good might impact the demand of the other good. In the air hose industry, the monetary value of fuel has a direct influence to the demand of air ticket. When the monetary value of fuel additions, air hose industry has to increase the monetary value of air ticket to keep its gross. Therefore, the fuel monetary value and the demand of air ticket have a relationship of complements, where addition in the fuel monetary value leads to a lessening in the demand for air ticket. However, in some particular instances particularly during a diminution in the economic system, the air hose industry will non raise the monetary value of air tickets because the clients would frighten off. Therefore, the demand of air tickets is besides rather dependent to the status of economic system. The 3rd determiner is figure of purchasers. The more the purchasers in the air hose industry, the demand of air ticket will be higher. When a publicity is held by the industry air hoses, there will be more purchasers on the purchase of air ticket. This is because the air tickets usually sell at a lower monetary value to pull more clients particularly during a not-so-peak season. Therefore, the demand or air tickets will increase and the air hose industry will derive more net incomes even though the air tickets are selling at a lower monetary value. The last determiner is outlook on future income and future monetary value, which means the anticipation of consumers on how much they will gain and the value of a good in the hereafter. For illustration, if the economic system has a positive development, where people expect a higher income in the hereafter, they might travel for a holiday and switch the demand curve of air ticket to the right. However, if they realize there will be an addition in monetary value of air ticket in the hereafter likely due to top out season, they will take to buy now so later and do the demand curve to switch to the right. For the other variable like gustatory sensations that can impact demand curve, we will disregard it because it is based on personal behaviour and is unsure to the air hose industry. Determinants on supply curve. The first determiner is input monetary values. When the cost of bring forthing goods additions, the supply will diminish. In air hose industry, one of the chief input monetary values is the fuel monetary value. As other variables are changeless, when the monetary value of fuel additions, the figure of flight per twenty-four hours will diminish to cut down the cost of air hose industry. The 2nd determiner is engineering. A better engineering can switch the supply curve to the right. Technology promotion plays a really of import function in air hose industry. Airline industry is seeking their best to seek for better engineering in fuel preservation. Besides, they besides work with airframe and engine maker in planing the constituents of aircraft to cut down the fuel ingestion of each flight. Therefore, with the betterment of engineering, air hoses can supply more flight so before utilizing the same sum of fuel. The 3rd determiner is weather. As this is air transit, weather frequently becomes a large issue to the air hose industry. A heavy snow during winter, or a bad pollution, frequently disrupts the takeoff and landing of aircraft. Unfortunately, conditions is non control by worlds, the air hose industry merely can make their best in supplying complete and safety installations to protect their users. Although bad conditions does non last really long, it does convey some consequence on flight for short periods. The last determiner is outlook on future monetary value. When a house expects there is a rise of monetary value in future, they will provide less today until the monetary value of the merchandise addition. In the air hose industry, when they expect the monetary value of air ticket to lift in the coming extremum season that brings higher net incomes, they will cut down or keep the figure of flights now. Therefore, when comparing the figure of flights for two periods, the supply for now can said to be less comparison to future. Since air hose industry undergoes the oligopoly market, the determiner of figure of Sellerss will be excluded. Other variables like revenue enhancements and subsidies will besides be excluded as they are non unsure. Decision As we can see from above, air hose industry has to concern many determiners that can impact the air hoses demand and supply. Besides, they have to detect carefully on the alterations in market status and take immediate action if there is any unexpected issue. Harmonizing to the Air Transport Association ( ATA ) , labour is the largest disbursals of the air hose industry, followed by fuel cost. Other variables like conditions and engineering besides have to set good attending to guarantee the safety and gross of the air hose industry. The survey of economic sciences may assist the air hose industry when doing a determination and better pick by supplying cognition on the efficiency usage of resources.

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Cover Letter Mistakes 5 Words and Phrases to Delete from Your Cover Letter

Cover Letter Mistakes 5 Words and Phrases to Delete from Your Cover Letter Cover letters are not dead, and cover letter mistakes can still cost you a job to someone who does a better job in their letter. One easy way to write a strong cover letter is simply to avoid certain overused and ineffective words. Heres why you dont want to use 5 of these too-common words and phrases, and what some alternatives might be. Read till the end. I saved the best for last. 5 Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid 1)   Using the word â€Å"hope.† Examples I hope to hear from you soon. OR I hope to be able to contribute my skills to ABC company. Why You Should Avoid this Cover Letter Mistake Hope springs eternal.  The company doesn’t care about your hopes and dreams.  They care about what you can do for them. Alternatives to Hope I look forward to speaking with you further regarding my qualifications. OR My ability to take clear, decisive action will allow me to make an impact at ABC company from day one. OK, now we’re talking! 2)   Saying you want to improve or hone your skills. Example I am excited to hone my programming skills at ABC company. Why You Should Avoid It Companies do not hire you in order to train you. They want someone who will make a contribution. Just like â€Å"Objective† statements stating what you want are no longer desirable on resumes, don’t tell a company in a cover letter what you want to get from them. Alternative to Avoid this Cover Letter Mistake I look forward to contributing my programming skills to the efforts of ABC company to make the web accessible to everyone. (No neediness here. So much better.) 3)   Saying you are â€Å"drawn† to a company. Example I am drawn to ABC company because of its outstanding reputation and high-quality service. Why You Should Avoid It You get drawn to a person across a crowded room.  Companies don’t care to hear that you are drawn to them.  And a bonus tip:  companies with outstanding reputations don’t need to be told that you want to work there because of their outstanding reputations. Who wouldn’t be drawn to those companies? Alternative for Drawn The relationship management skills I built while working in a state office are a match for ABC company’s commitment to outstanding customer service. (That’s so much better, isn’t it?) 4)   Talking about how you â€Å"feel.† Example I feel the relationship management skills I built while working in a state office are a match for ABC company’s commitment to outstanding customer service. Why You Should Avoid It Can you see how adding â€Å"I feel† at the beginning of this sentence killed it completely?  Tell a psychologist how you feel.  Tell a company what you can do for them.  If you must, use the word â€Å"believe† instead of â€Å"feel.†Ã‚  But see if you can avoid this type of language altogether. Alternative for Feel The relationship management skills I built while working in a state office are a match for ABC company’s commitment to outstanding customer service. 5)   Referring to â€Å"Your company.† The worst possible cover letter mistake is to write a generic cover letter. Never, ever, write a cover letter where you only refer to the name of the company when you say â€Å"I’m applying for a the position of X at ABC Company.† Use the name of the company multiple times throughout the letter. Don’t just use the name of the company. Tell them why you want to work specifically for them. Speak to their mission and values. Do you know someone who worked there? Have you used their products for 20 years? Don’t be afraid to get personal. That human touch could be the thing that gets you the job. Examples My father and greatest insurance mentor, J.B. Krankshaw, who was mentored by ABC Insurance founder L.B.J, had a phenomenal 40+-year record as an ABC Insurance agent. In my mind, Jimmy’s has differentiated itself, prompting me to become a full-fledged, app-carrying brand fan. I was one of their first consumers when they first opened in my town, and last year, I enthusiastically helped the XYZ Digital Marketing team win the Jimmy’s competition. Take these five tips to heart when you’re writing your next cover letter and you’ll avoid some common cover letter mistakes. Not only that, but I promise you that more creative and powerful language will show up, making your cover letter more effective than you ever thought it could be. Did you try it?   Share examples in the comments please! Are you struggling to craft a creatively worded cover letter that gets attention? Wed love to help! The Essay Expert offers entry-level, mid-level, and executive-level cover letter writing services.

Friday, February 14, 2020

International Business (Domino's Pizza) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International Business (Domino's Pizza) - Essay Example The paper will discuss the methods of international expansion the company used to date and its appropriate development methods, Domino's Pizza methods using in different markets, as well as the possible combination of international expansion methods. The paper will also critically appraise the current strategy and give appropriate recommendations for further development. 2. The most appropriate Domino's Pizza development method, as well as the best method of international expansion is licensing and franchising: "We have developed a large, global, diversified and committed franchise network that is a critical component of our system-wide success and our leading position in pizza delivery. As of March 21, 2004, our franchise store network consisted of 6,878 stores, 63% of which were located in the contiguous United States" (7). These system has doubtless advantages namely for such global international company as Domino's Pizza. The franchise system allows minimizing such negative barriers of international expansion as language barrier, local governmental measures and the registration of trademark. The system also provides the adaptation of Domino’s Pizza rights and regulations to the cultural differentiations of various countries: â€Å"We also adapt our system to the local market to accommodate cultural differences in delivery vehicles, store design, signage, etc. Pizza toppings are the most common cultural adaptation. We have pickled ginger in India, squid in Japan and green peas in Brazil† (3). Domino’s Pizza quick service restaurants in different countries are not a wholly subsidiary of Domino Pizza Company (like McDonald’s in the UK). 's in the UK). They are based on Franchising Agreement with Domino's Pizza International, Inc. A franchisee must have appropriate local market, business strategies and experience knowledge: "Internationally, we have also been able to grow our franchise network by attracting franchisees with business experience and local market knowledge. We generally use our master franchise model, which provides our international franchisees with exclusive rights to operate stores or sub-franchise our well-recognized brand name in their markets" (7). Through well developed franchising system Domino's Pizza Company gains constant royalty payments which allow the company to develop an d expand to international markets: "A substantial percentage of our earnings is generated by our committed, owner-operator franchisees through royalty payments and revenues to our vertically-integrated distribution system. Royalty payments yield strong profitability to us because there are minimal corresponding company-level expenses and no capital requirements associated with their collection" (3). The growth and revenue of Domino's Pizza is mainly provided by its franchising system development and royalty payments from numerous stores throughout the world. The company has chosen the most appropriate method of international expansion. Domino's Pizza makes franchising agreements with appropriate firms working in relevant market segments and having local market features knowledge.